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Gentle Tai Chi

Date(s): Mon and Fri

Since the first widespread promotion of tai chi health benefits in the early 20th century, it has developed a worldwide following among people for its benefit for health and health maintenance. Studies of tai chi support its effectiveness as an alternative exercise and as a form of meditative pain reduction that focuses on positive energy flows. it is reported that focusing the mind solely on the movements of the form helps to bring about a state of mental calm and clarity. Besides general health benefits and stress management attributed to tai chi training, this form of exercise has been found to nurture core-strength and balance.  Also: Chi Times  - practice your "forms" with our instructor.  This 20 minute focused session on Wednesday at 12:15 p.m.

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Infant CPR education

Date(s): Weds

Take 30 minutes out of your busy day to learn infant CPR.  Saving Baby's Life ...When Every Second Counts is an instructional DVD designed to educate parents and infant caregivers on how to perform infant CPR and what to do for a choking infant.  This class does not provide a certification but will provide the knowledge needed to perform infant CPR through observing an instructional video.  This learning tool was developed by Geraldine Hickey, RN, found of Baby Zone and Beyond.  The DVD uses the newly revised 2010 American Heart Association guidelines for infant CPR.  Sign up Now!  Session times are Wednesdays at 12 noon and 4 p.m. in the Minges Wellness Center.  Call 252-522-7014 with questions.

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Your Blood Pressure: Reaching the Target 2016 classes

Date(s): Jan 11, Feb 9, Mar 7, Apr 12, May 24, Jun 13, Jul 13, Aug 29, Sept 14, Oct 12, Nov 9, Dec 7

A one hour basic hypertension educational class for anyone who has higher than normal blood pressure and needs to understand the condition better in order to have good blood pressure control.  Class size is limited and credit for attendance requires the participant to be present for the full session. Registration must be done by contacting Gail Carraway at 252-522-7014. Dates and Times - Jan 11 at 2 p.m., Feb 9 @ 10 a.m., March 7 @ 10 a.m., Apr 12 @ 10 a.m., May 24 @ 2 p.m., June 13 @ 2 p.m., July 13 @ 2 p.m., Aug 29 @ 10 a.m., Sept 14 @ 1 p.m., Oct 12 @ 1 p.m., Nov 9th @ 1 p.m. and Dec 7 @ 1 p.m.



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Avoiding Holiday Hang-ups

Date(s): November 10

This program is for people with diabetes and pre-diabetes.  Sandra will offer meal planning tips, exercise suggestions, and ideas on how you might deal with sickness and/or avoid sickness during the holidays.  All advice is designed to help you have an enjoyable Thanksgiving and Christmas.  For more information contact Sandra Midyette, RN, CDE, at 252-522-7616.

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Overcoming Fitness Fears

Date(s): January 24

Have you always wanted to get in shape but were afraid to try? There are countless excuses for failing to exercise or eat right. However, one of the biggest obstacles is not knowing where to start and being scared to take that first step. Join Brittney for this informative talk.

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Joe’s Journey

Date(s): February 3

Dr. Pradeep from Kinston Medical Specialists presents, "Joe's Journey", an educational narrative about a fictitious community resident whose story is one that is not uncommon.  Joe, a middle aged gentleman with little adult medical care and some heart disease risk, begins to experience early symptoms that are worrisome.  Dr. Pradeep will discuss standard cardiac workup and testing and dispel misunderstandings and confusion.  Joe's Journey will illustrate the convenience of modern technology and benefits of patient/physician relationship is a situation that often causes anxiety when good information and intervention might be lifesaving.

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Medical Management of Coronary Disease

Date(s): February 10

Dr. Gahlot from Kinston Cardiology presents: "Medical Management of Coronary Disease."  Medical care is essential once heart disease is diagnosed, to stabilize the condition immediately, control symptoms over the long term, and cure the disease when possible.  When angioplasty and stents are not appropriate, heart blockages can still be managed medically.  Dr. Gahlot will discuss current trends including medications and important self-care to optimize your cardiac health.

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Pop-up Hands-only CPR Event

Date(s): February 14

Lenoir County Emergency Services is teaching "Pop-up Hands-only CPR" at this Valentine's Day event and this is the perfect way to spend a heart-focused 15 minutes.  Interested individuals will need to provide a small amount of information so that Emergency Services can track the areas that are in need of training, watch a 2-minute video while doing compressions on manikins, and are provided an opportunity to ask questions to providers that have performed CPR.  After the session, take home materials are given to remind of the two steps to save a life, "Call 911 and push hard and fast in the center of the chest." Stop By!

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The Irregular Beating Heart

Date(s): February 17

Dr. Alan Kirollos, Kinston Cardiology presents this informative talk about the irregular beating heart.  Heart arrhythmias, also called cardiac arrhythmias, are irregular heart rhythms that result when the heart beats too fast, too slow, or unevenly.  A heart arrhythmia occurs if there is a disturbance anywhere along the nerve signal pathway in the heart chambers.  There are many different types of heart arrhythmias and some are more serious than others.  Heart arrhythmias are treated with medications, eletrophsiologic ablations, and surgically placed pacemakers or implantable cardioverter-defibrillators.  Join Dr. Kirollos as he discusses conditions, diagnosis and treatment.

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Medicare 101

Date(s): March 24

Don't miss this informative talk!  Seniors' Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP) in Lenoir County will provide basic information and answer questions about Medicare enrollment and benefits.  Anyone close to retirement or wondering about how Medicare works, should make plans to attend.  No registration is required.  FREE

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